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  • Andrea Camastra, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

The entrance to Senses will not attract the attention of a random passer-by, but the guests who are already inside know that they are in for an extraordinary performance. The stage for this performance is a nearly ascetic restaurant décor, emphasising the importance of culinary creation that plays a leading role here. As if by a wave of magic wand, new dishes materialise on the large tables, composed by the contemporary alchemist Andrea Camastra. His feast stimulates the senses, stirs curiosity and delights. At Senses, Polish cuisine intertwines with Italian flavours. The chef’s compositions are never unambiguous or obvious. Camastra constantly experiments, adding to his creations – following the ‘note-for-note’ principle – new, sometimes surprising components. In the laboratory at the back of the restaurant, each product contributes the maximum of its taste, smell and colour. Some of the products forming the base of the dishes come from two farms in Kolbuszowa, which are owned by chef. He often visits the farms, so he knows everything about the ingredients that go into his kitchen. He shares his knowledge with the staff, while the waiters pass it on to the guests. They talk expertly about every component of the dish and happily listen to the opinions that the guests voice. With undisguised joy they watch the surprised faces of feasting guests – the cuisine at Senses can amaze! PSST! A number one hit here is ‘Polish gazpacho’ – beetroot chłodnik whose light earthy flavour is balanced by sweet and sour raspberries. A delightful combination of flavours!

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