ul. Rzeźnicza 24-25
50-071 Wrocław


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  • Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska, Chef

L'avis de Gault&Millau

The restaurant has been in existence for over a dozen years, but it was given a new life at the beginning of 2017. This is when Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska took the reins in the kitchen. Today, a well-known and highly respected chef, for many years she has committed herself to other passions, studying art history and film make-up. When she finally found her way into the culinary world, she honed her skills both in Poland and abroad. However, her heart was set on Polish flavours – and it was them, in their original version, that became the foundation of jadka. Tastefully decorated, this atmospheric restaurant is located in a historic tenement house on one of the little streets near Wrocław’s Market Square. Beautiful gothic arches, large mirrors in golden frames and elegantly laid tables perfectly harmonise with the restaurant’s menu – modern but based on old Polish cuisine. When choosing what to eat, it is worth trusting the staff – professional, friendly, having in-depth knowledge of each dish. jadka has a delightful selection of fresh and top quality products sourced from Polish producers and farmers. Some of them are brought by cooks themselves from morning expeditions to the local meadows and forests. Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska’s cuisine is deeply rooted in the seasons, with a great respect for products and knowledge of traditional culinary techniques. But above all, the dishes served here show an extraordinary sense of aesthetics – compositions on the plates are absolute perfection! PSST! The name of the restaurant alludes to old meat shops (jatki) – during German times, the Rzeźnicza Street was home for butchers and slaughtermen.

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